Kitty Cubes - Juggling Balls (3 balls)

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This is a set of 3 handmade synthetic leather juggling balls. These are filled with plastic pellets and are 110 grams/ 3.88 oz a piece. (White set is 100 grams and slightly smaller and filled tighter) They are available in White, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, White and Blue, Blue and Light Blue, and Purple and Blue. If you would like to have custom made ones, I also have available Rose (pink) and any combinations of two colors. Please note: If you are wanting more than 3, feel free to send me a message for a custom order. OTHER GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT MY JUGGLING BALLS I love to juggle myself and started making these juggling balls for myself before deciding to make more for other people to enjoy as well. The balls are filled with plastic pellets which is great for deterring mice and other critters from tearing into them. The balls are not filled tightly. There is some "give" to each beanbag ball. This is often preferred because it makes the ball easier to catch, and prevents them from rolling away when dropped. The balls are not washable. Spot clean with a damp cloth when necessary. Do not submerge them in water. You can keep these balls in good condition by practicing with clean hands over clean surfaces. These balls are recommended for (but not limited to) indoor use. I try my best to sew a sturdy ball that does not fall apart. But, of course, these balls are not indestructible. Keep away from pets and young children who may unintentionally destroy the balls. Use the balls only for juggling and other similar activities. Do not throw these balls as hard as you can against a surface. Do not run over the balls with your feet, skateboard, bike, car, or other similar item. If you take good care of your balls, they should last a long time. The balls will inevitably get worn and dirty over time even if you take good care of them. Do not be sad. It only means that you have juggled A LOT and that your balls are well loved! Check out my other listings for other juggling balls. Thank you! Note: The colors may vary due to monitor color settings. I LOVE doing custom work so let me know if you see something you like but would like a variation - I'll work with you to make it happen!